2023.07.09 (日)

Fujii Kaze and the piano Asia Tour [Kuala Lumpur]

July 9th 2023 [Kuala Lumpur]


*Sold out. Thank you for all of your support!


OPEN 18:30 / START 20:00


[Info]AEG Presents / InTour


 【Notice Regarding the Performance】


◎Entry to the vicinity of the venue without a ticket is strictly prohibited, including any act of coming to listen to sound leaks. Regardless of ticket possession, waiting to enter, waiting to leave, and contact on public transportation are also prohibited. Please understand that this may cause inconvenience to the venue, neighboring residents, and public transportation.

◎We regret to inform you that we decline to accept any presents, letters, congratulatory flowers, or any other items for any reason.

◎Due to production requirements, bringing and using glow sticks, cheering goods, and items that produce sound or light are strictly prohibited.

◎Photography with smartphones (camera equipment is not allowed) is permitted inside the venue, but live streaming on various social media platforms(Tiktok, Instagram, etc.) is prohibited. Furthermore, please refrain from using flash as it is not allowed due to production requirements.

◎Using the captured videos or images for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

◎Please be aware that videos and photos taken inside the venue, including the audience seats, may be published.

◎The organizers, performing artists, and venue staff are not responsible for accidents, theft, or disputes between customers inside or outside the venue.

◎We do not provide compensation for transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, or any other costs (including cancellation fees) resulting from cancellation or delay.

◎Resale for profit is prohibited, and entry with resale tickets is not permitted.

◎The organizers may make necessary changes to the operational rules due to safety concerns or other reasons. Please follow the instructions of the staff on-site, regardless of the timing or method of notification.



【Merchandise Sales Information】

◎Sales Hours: Pre-sales 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. & After the performance

* Please refrain from coming to the venue or the sales area before the start of sales.


◎Payment method: Cash only


◎Available Merchandise:

 – Blue Kaze T-shirt (sizes: S/M/L/XL) RM170

   └ Up to 2 shirts per person from all available sizes

 – Black Piano T-shirt (sizes: S/M/L/XL) RM170

   └ Up to 2 shirts per person from all available sizes

 – LOVE ALL SERVE ALL stickers (13 designs included) RM50

   └ Up to 2 stickers per person

 – Waiter Kaze sticky notes (30 sheets each) RM50

   └ Up to 2 sets per person


<Merchandise Sales Guidelines>

◎Only customers with a valid ticket for the performance on the day are eligible to make purchases. Customers without a valid ticket are not allowed to line up. Please follow the instructions of the staff and present your valid ticket for confirmation at the sales area / checkout counter.

◎Please note that there are purchase limits for each item.

◎Each person could only make one purchase transaction. If the staff determines that multiple purchases are being made, the purchase will be declined.

◎Returns or exchanges are only accepted for defective items.

◎Defective items can be exchanged or refunded only if reported at the sales area / checkout counter on the day.

◎We cannot address any shortages or payment mistakes after leaving the sales area. Please make sure to check with the sales staff regarding the products, sizes, quantities, and total amount during the payment process.

◎Limited stock is available. Sales will be discontinued once the stock is depleted.

◎Sales during the performance will not be available.

◎If it is determined that you will not be able to reach your seat in time for the start of the performance, we may end the sales.

◎There is a limited time for sales after the performance. Please note that the number of people allowed to line up may be limited.

◎Selling or distributing unofficial goods using the likeness or name of Fujii Kaze in the vicinity of the venue is prohibited. Selling or distributing unofficial goods constitutes infringement of portrait rights and copyrights, and is an illegal act.


If the rules regarding the performance and merchandise sales are not followed, you may be asked to leave the premises. We kindly request your attention to this matter. The staff is committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of everyone. We appreciate your cooperation.



















◎販売時間 17:00〜20:00&終演後販売






・Blue Kaze T-shirt (size;S/M/L/XL) RM170


・Black Piano T-shirt (size;S/M/L/XL) RM170


・LOVE ALL SERVE ALL stickers (13designs included) RM50


・Waiter Kaze sticky notes (30 sheets each) RM50















◎会場付近で、藤井 風の肖像や名称を利用した非公式のグッズを販売・配布することは禁止です。非公式グッズの販売・配布は、肖像権・著作権の侵害となり違法行為です。